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You've asked us, so we've answered you! Read our most commonly asked questions along with their answers.

Our software will operate on any device, including PC, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS provided the device has an internet connection with a web browser.

Our software will show you where your employee was at when they punched in or out. This allows you to verify that your employee or subcontractor was actually on your job site.

We have a report which will auto-deduct breaks of any length of time, however, we find it a best practice when your employees are able to punch in and out for their breaks for record keeping purposes.

Our report options are straightforward and powerful. Our reports allow you to see overall clocked time for the week, as well as filter for tags. 

Tags can be used to separate groups of people into departments, jobs, job types, locations, and crews. This is a great way to subdivide your staff and see field labor from administrative overhead labor.

Yes we track both absences and tardiness, plus vacation days. Days off appear at the bottom of the weekly hours report, so that you can see why an employee didn’t have any recorded hours for a given day.

Our software has a built-in request form that your employees can use to request time off. A manager/admin can then approve or deny the request. Actual days taken can then be traced with our absentee software.

YES! – In a very unique way, we allow you to utilize tags to separate employees into different groups. A single employee could be a part of multiple groups if you need or wanted. This is great for separating crews, teams, departments, office, administration, and overhead. 

Our software allows you to send text message notifications to your employees or subcontractors. The notificatification will have two response buttons “YES” and “NO”. When your employees select a response you will see a summary of how many indicated “YES” or “NO”. You can also see who or which employees have indicated their status. Some great examples of notifications would be:

 “Can you attend a 7:00 am meeting next Monday? Indicate yes or no”

“ We are going to have a snow storm, can you work at 2:00 am?”

“ Can anyone work on Saturday this week?”

To make the software as user-friendly and as fast as possible, we allow any device to log in and use the software.  However, we have a built-in safety measure that will allow you to recognize devices. 

Time punches on a non-recognized device will be recorded with an “Unauthorized Status” for a manager to review and approve.

Other time clock software that requires you to authorize a device first, can be troublesome if an employee gets a new phone/tablet. (A new phone would not be recognized and some software programs will not allow your employees to punch in). 

Tags can be used on an individual user/employee as well as on individual time punch records. This gives you a ton of flexibility and more than one tag can be applied, for the ultimate in filtering. Some examples are listed below:


  • Tag for Admin Staff vs Direct Field Labor for accurate COGS reporting
  • Tag different Teams or crews for efficiency calculations, bonuses
  • Tag for job locations, helpful for contract reporting
  • Tag for different job types, see how your teams are spending time
  • Tag for different weather days like Rain, see how rain days affect production 
  • Tag for longer duration storm events, snowstorms can run over multiple days and at weird shift hours. Allowing tags to be applied for a specific snow event regardless of the day/time will give you accurate labor hour counts for the storm.
  • Apply tags to user’s accounts to group them quickly for fast notifications to the right people. 


Yes, we have a built-in kiosk mode that will allow multiple employees to clock in/out using a pin number.  Great for wall mounting a company-owned device at your office or shop.

Our system can be used in a number of industries, but it was developed by a small contractor to track employees and subcontractors.  It is designed to be used by teams of less than 100 employees, where the business owner may not have an HR department. 

Our system allows for a fast deployable system that can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.  Employees or subcontractors can report to your office, or to a job site directly. They can punch in with a company-owned device in a kiosk mode or punch in using their cellular phone remotely.